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We’re an experienced team of revenue operations consultants who are committed to improving business performance. Revenue Ops LLC offers a variety of services to meet your specific needs. A lot of our work is centered around Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool, but we have experience with a variety of other solutions as well, like Salesloft. We’re here to serve as an unbiased, trusted advisor, who can assist you with implementing technology, processes, and best practices so that you can maximize your revenue. 

Fields of Expertise

Technology Stack

We can build or optimize your technology stack to improve efficiency and execute your business strategy to maximize revenue. We can work with existing systems or start fresh by implementing new technology.

Revenue Operations Strategy

How do you plan on taking your revenue to the next level? We’ll help you identify what your revenue operations roadmap looks like and determine the next steps for your business.

Full Funnel Optimization

Understand your business from the top of the revenue funnel to the bottom. What does your customer journey look like, and how can we optimize it for your business? We’ll help you create a positive customer experience.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Automation

Minimize the amount of manual work through sales, marketing, and customer success automation. We’ll determine what processes can and should be automated and help you build that automation into your systems.

Data and Analytics

Learn how your business is currently performing, identify opportunities for improvement, and forecast future trends with reports and dashboards. Whether you need data on an individual, team, or executive level, we can help you track, analyze, and visualize key metrics.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Processes

What do your sales, marketing, and customer success processes look like, and how are they intertwined? We’ll help you identify and conceptualize your processes, find areas for improvement, and develop new, more efficient processes for each team.

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Our revenue operations specialists will advise you on high-level decisions in an unbiased manner, using deep industry knowledge to deliver superior results.

Managed Services

Let us be there for you whenever you need us. Our VIP Managed Services packages ensure that we’ll be on hand to help fix things when they break, work on projects as they arise, and help you incorporate improvements throughout your Revenue Operations system.

Implementation Services

Implementation is about setting up the technology, creating efficient processes, identifying areas of improvement, and applying best practices to drive adoption.



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