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Our Favorite Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Features

In the dynamic realm of B2B marketing, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE), formally known as Pardot, stands out as an innovative force. As a potent marketing automation solution under Salesforce ownership, MCAE aims to elevate sales and build meaningful connections. Despite its advanced capabilities, many of MCAE’s features often go unnoticed in the daily operational hustle. This blog highlights three of our favorite Marketing Cloud Account Engagement features that can transform your marketing strategy.

Engagement Studio: Revolutionizing Automation

Engagement Studio is a standout feature in MCAE, and its appeal lies in its multifaceted capabilities that streamline and enhance the prospect journey. This intuitive marketing automation tool enables users to design and execute intricate email campaigns effortlessly.

We appreciate that Engagement Studio is simple but sophisticated. It operates as a comprehensive upgrade to traditional email drip programs, allowing marketers to send follow-up emails, construct logic-based nurturing campaigns, and experiment with different scenarios to understand how prospects navigate the campaign.

What sets Engagement Studio apart is its dynamic nature. It facilitates the creation of an automated series of messages that adapt based on predefined logic. This adaptability empowers marketers to tailor interactions at each step of the buyer’s journey, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for prospects.

The visual representation of email drip campaigns within Engagement Studio is a game-changer. It provides a clear and insightful overview, eliminating the need for constant monitoring typically associated with drip campaigns. Users can easily add or remove tags, assign groups, notify users, and send automated emails to create an efficient and organized workflow.

Integrating Engagement Studio with Salesforce elevates its effectiveness in email marketing automation. Users can establish customized actions based on various parameters, such as opened emails, accessed links, downloaded files, and content viewed. Additionally, incorporating client-specific variables like lead grade, score, and status allows for tailored decision-making within the drip campaign.

Engagement Studio essentially empowers marketers to visualize, optimize, and automate their email campaigns seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface and advanced automation capabilities make it a pivotal tool in engaging prospects at every crucial stage of their buyer’s journey.

Connected Campaign: Streamlining Campaign Management

The Connected Campaign feature in Account Engagement, introduced in 2018, revolutionizes campaign management by seamlessly aligning B2B and B2C marketing divisions. This integration enhances efficiency, reduces reporting clutter, and provides access to Engagement History and Einstein Campaign Insights within Salesforce.

Activated Connected Campaigns automatically create campaigns in Salesforce and populate them in Account Engagement, establishing a comprehensive Campaign Hierarchy. This structure provides a new level of visibility into reporting by facilitating detailed analysis of individual campaign metrics while summarizing results at the parent level.

These Connected Campaigns transform how data is provided to sales and marketing teams, specifically streamlining the tracking of prospect interactions. As prospects engage, metrics are automatically pushed to respective Salesforce records, allowing for effective influence tracking and providing sales teams with a clear visualization of the prospect’s journey to becoming an opportunity. They’re not just a tool; Connected Campaigns are a strategic enhancement, bringing synergy and clarity to the intricate world of marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Content: Personalizing the User Experience

Dynamic Content emerges as our favorite feature in Account Engagement, standing out as a powerful tool for personalized engagement. This feature empowers marketers to tailor content for each market segment, allowing for the creation of diverse variants across forms, landing pages, websites, emails, and more based on user engagement.

The beauty of Dynamic Content lies in its ability to maximize return on investment (ROI) by catering to individual needs. This personalization not only increases the likelihood of lead conversion but also communicates a deep understanding of clients’ unique requirements, fostering a sense of connection.

One of the strengths of Dynamic Content is its flexibility, as it allows users to customize up to 25 variants. However, strategic decision-making is crucial when determining the number of segments within the market. Prioritizing segments more likely to generate sales ensures a focused and impactful approach.

MCAE’s Dynamic Content feature is pivotal in personalizing “Account Engagement” marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, forms, and websites. Suggested content based on prospect information creates a tailored experience that significantly improves click-through and conversion rates.

The impact of dynamic content placement is profound, influencing conversion rates based on strategic positioning — whether above a form, below a form, or on a landing page. Additionally, the feature promotes list subscriptions by precisely targeting individual interests. Understanding what might captivate an individual and prompting them to subscribe to relevant lists becomes a powerful strategy for audience engagement.

In essence, Dynamic Content in Account Engagement is not just a customization tool; it’s a catalyst for improved conversion rates. It helps users nurture an in-depth connection with clients. Its strategic use enables marketers to deliver content that resonates to create a personalized experience beyond generic marketing approaches. With Dynamic Content, the art of personalization becomes a tangible and impactful reality, thereby revolutionizing how marketers engage with their audience.

Innovate Your Marketing Initiatives

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement serves as a gateway to redefining how businesses connect, engage, and convert. By unlocking the potential of these overlooked features, companies can propel themselves into a new era of marketing success. The future belongs to those who harness the power of MCAE – are you ready to lead the way? 

If you want to discuss how we can help you implement these Marketing Cloud Account Engagement features successfully, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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