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Rethink Your Customer Engagement Strategies

Our previous article provided clarity on what customer engagement is. A clear definition is crucial before you can make any progress. Let’s shift gears to how you can revamp your customer engagement by rethinking your strategy. We’ll discuss how your company can connect and engage throughout the customer journey to create positive experiences.

Customer Engagement Strategies

Successful customer engagement strategies start with a detailed map of all existing customer touchpoints and encounters. During this exercise, we want to identify everything from the first marketing email to the customer experience net promoter score (NPS) survey. Before you make any process changes, you need to understand what the situation looks like. If you want to knock it out of the park, bring in members from your sales, marketing, and customer support teams to provide feedback. Their perspective on the current engagement landscape is invaluable since they are experts and interact regularly with clients. 

Alongside mapping the current journey, consider the key takeaways from the whole process. What do you hope to achieve by revamping your customer engagement? The objectives should be highly personalized to each team and the organization. You don’t want to get too carried here; focus on achievable goals. You should have access to metrics that directly measure how your company engages with the most important people in your world.

Lastly, “squishy” goals, such as “make the customer love us,” are mundane and unproductive because they tend to be incredibly hard to measure. We recommend concentrating on quantifiable goals directly related to your process improvements. 

Practical Engagement Strategies

After establishing your objectives and measurable outcomes, it’s time to apply them. You can formalize the tactics your team will use to enhance your current strategy practically. While every touchpoint and engagement needs to be personalized and business specific, we have some practical suggestions about to you can create dynamic customer relationships:

Check-in schedule

Your customers are human; they like to be heard. So, it would be best if you had a plan around how often and in what ways you’re reaching out to them. Whether by email or phone call, ensure the process is in place to collect feedback. 

Evolving closed-won journey 

The closed won journey reflects the path from interested lead to paying customer. What do they have to do to get up and running? Are there any essential things they need to be aware of? Develop a journey that immediately educates and energizes your new clients. 

Use your customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores

If you don’t currently collect customer feedback from support tickets or targeted surveys, now is a good time to start. This information gives you helpful insight into your customers’ experiences. Awareness of their experiences isn’t enough; you should constantly review the responses and take action when the results are less than stellar. 

Education series 

Is anything new or exciting happening with your company or product? Probably, so you need to let your customers know. Develop a plan to create informative content and distribute it to your customer base. 

About Revenue Ops LLC

We’re not trying to overload you with homework, but we want to get you thinking about how you can improve your current customer engagement campaigns. It could be as simple as setting up a meeting with your team to discuss strategy or as involved as implementing an email series about your product releases. Whatever you decide, keep the customer at the center of it.

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What is Customer Engagement?

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is trending right now. Not only does everyone have something to say about it (including us), but new customer engagement products are being released every day. All the hype is warranted because strengthening customer relationships leads to revenue growth. However, a team looking to enhance their engagement can quickly get confused by everything out there. So, let’s discuss what customer engagement is. 

Customer engagement is the process of connecting with your customers. It’s more than a singular event; it’s a cultivation of the client relationship. Think of it as the totality of every touchpoint and interaction. Not just that, but it can be measured by the emotional connection each customer has with your brand.

Why are Connections Important?

Customers expect more from you than they did in the past. You’re not a big fish in a small pond anymore. Consumers not only have a variety of options at their disposal, but they demand personalized connections. You can thank ______ (fill in the blank with your favorite tech company) for changing how products and messaging are delivered. Therefore, expecting that a one-size-fits-all approach will work with your customer base is both naive and likely to bring an unfortunate outcome. 

Happy customers are good for business. They tell their friends nice things about your brand, and, more importantly, they become patrons. Loyalty translates into recurring revenue and more profit. By some estimates, retaining a customer is at least five times more efficient than acquiring a new one. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

The Benefits of Engagement 

Now the fun part. By focusing on customer engagement, you can increase profits and connect with clients in new and more valuable ways. Instead of hoping that your clients are happy, an ever-evolving customer engagement strategy provides a reliable indication and usually results in healthy customer relationships. You have some work ahead if you want to achieve this level of customer affinity, but don’t worry because it’s well worth it. 

Start Engaging

The first place to start is with an analysis of the current state of your customer engagement. Do you have a cohesive strategy (product, operations, and customer experience)? Is every touchpoint with your base tactical and in-line with your mission? Those questions should keep you occupied for a minute. 

The next step is to work with key stakeholders on potential ways you can improve. Ensure you hear different departments’ voices and use a team-centered approach. It’s important to note that you should constantly revisit this strategy and rollout phase to keep up to date with what’s happening on the frontline. Stay tuned for the next post on how your team can take your customer engagement to the next level. 

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