Improve Sales Operations: Soil Connect Case Study​

Improve Sales Operations: Soil Connect Case Study

Connecting People with Technology

See how we helped our client improve sales operations by replacing disparate and manual processes with a centralized and automated system via Salesforce and Salesloft. The Soil Connect sales team realized they could contact more prospects and make those conversations more productive when the new system was fully implemented.

Soil Connect

Soil Connect is an innovative digital marketplace that provides a better, faster, and cheaper way for construction professionals to transport and acquire soil, aggregates, and other building materials.

By enabling users to transact at shorter distances, they save their customers tens of thousands of dollars and also reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 emissions.

Clients sign up for an account and search for the type of soil they need. If they don’t see what they’re looking for, they can create a post to tell others about the quantity and type of soil they’re looking for, and can supplement their post with additional notes.

Once posted, Soil Connect provides you with a list of matches so that their clients can send a text, make a call, send an email, or message in-app to either get the soil they need or get rid of soil they don’t need.

Improve Sales Operations: Soil Connect Case Study

Revenue Ops LLC

Revenue Ops LLC’s certified consultants provide senior leadership and individual business units with the information, support and means to make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue. We do this by:

• Building the proper business technology stack

• Evaluating and optimizing operational business processes and procedures

• Managing data effectively and visualizing analytics

• Creating realistic forecasts for growth


The Soil Connect team was working from spreadsheets, and the data was becoming harder to manage. The team had little to no visibility into which sales activities were working or not, and data was both siloed and difficult to analyze. The sales team’s activities were difficult to measure, and their current processes weren’t scalable.


The Soil Connect team decided that Salesforce would be the best CRM to help centralize marketing and sales activity, while Salesloft would be the preferred sales enablement platform. Both systems were integrated and implemented at the same time, and over 400,000 prospect and client records from their spreadsheets were imported.


The entire team had access to their entire database, and could create reports and dashboards in Salesforce to visualize what was happening within their business, to make data-driven decisions. The sales team went from a 10 - 15 minute process for making a single prospect call, to 10 - 30 seconds. Dials went from double digits per month to to double digits per week.


The buying and customer experience is better and more efficient. Internal stakeholders benefit, as they can ramp up new employees faster, scale activities, and have access to previously siloed analytics. Results are concisely and easily shared with investors.

“It’s going from a screwdriver to a power drill.”

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