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Heather Davis Lam

Heather Davis Lam is the Founder & CEO of Revenue Ops LLC, and holds multiple certifications from Salesforce, Salesloft, Hubspot, and other revenue operations platforms.


Watch episode 1 of the Rev Ops Roundtable. Our special guest is Michelle Joseph, Director of Client Acquisition & Success at Cedalion Talent and Co-founder of Thrive Collective. We discuss successes, challenges, and advice for those looking to implement a Revenue Operations strategy and Michelle’s experiences when setting this up for her own work.

Getting Started with Rev Ops

In this discussion, Michelle describes how she and her team overcame the challenges of starting a business. She says their main problem was organizing and managing prospects. They knew they wanted one centralized tool that would scale with them as the business grows.

Rather than storing customer data in a Google Sheet and relying on Slack to communicate with team members and then cobbling the tools together, they felt Salesforce would provide the functions that they wanted, and then some. But, the idea of implementing the software and trying to manage the backend, all while trying to develop the talent optimization business, was daunting. 

Like many startups, finances were limited, but Michelle recognized her limitations with technology. It’s not just a matter of installing the program; users have to be trained, the system has to be customized according to unique workflows, and the backend database must be maintained and secured properly. These tasks were beyond their skills and interests.

Revenue Operations Experts

After hearing horror stories about freelancers not setting up systems satisfactorily, Michelle was cautious about working with the right team of professionals. The opportunity costs of losing or disappointing customers were not something she was willing to pay. Nor did she have the desire to reverse engineer any problems that might crop up later on.

Working with Revenue Ops LLC was a no-brainer. The Salesforce implementation was fast and efficient. Now they’re looking ahead to segmenting their audiences and creating and automating custom flows to distribute personalized and consistent messaging to contacts regularly.

Michelle’s advice: Get it done right the first time.

Rev Ops Roundtable Episode 1
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About Revenue Ops LLC

Revenue Ops LLC is an experienced team of sales, marketing, and customer success professionals committed to helping our clients improve performance. We do this by focusing on three primary pillars:

  • People and processes
  • Technology
  • Data and analytics

Our ultimate goal is to streamline workflows so that our clients can make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue. We apply our deep knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce and sales enablement tools like Salesloft to optimize sales potential by stimulating and tracking customer interactions.

Learn how we can help you implement a revenue operations strategy to maximize your revenue.

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