Five Ways Revenue Ops LLC Improves Your Bottom Line
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Heather Davis Lam

Heather Davis Lam is the Founder & CEO of Revenue Ops LLC, and holds multiple certifications from Salesforce, Salesloft, Hubspot, and other revenue operations platforms.


Five Ways Revenue Ops LLC Improves Your Bottom Line

Sly and the Family Stone said it best, “different strokes for different folks.” Just like people, every company has unique needs. Maybe your sales cycle is very long, there is a disconnect between marketing and operations, or your customer relationship management (CRM) system isn’t satisfying your expectations. Businesses have areas of improvement that, when addressed, can unleash a wave of success.

Revenue Ops LLC embraces this reality when helping clients optimize growth. Our team of experienced consultants takes an individual approach with each project, crafting a plan of action to improve your bottom line. From mapping your revenue roadmap to helping you identify new opportunities, Revenue Ops LLC is committed to boosting your business performance. 

Improve Your Technology Stack

The technology your business relies on should be your best friend. It should work the way you expected from the beginning. But often, that’s not the case – these expensive tools are either not meeting your expectations or are not ready for the growth your team envisions. Deciding on what to do next can be challenging and requires in-depth technical experience. The cost, time, effort, and expertise required can make it impossible to handle internally. The Revenue Ops LLC team has specialists with first-hand knowledge of the tech landscape and how to help you move toward growth. They will do the heavy lifting while your team focuses on what they do best.

Maybe you know exactly what technology your business needs, but you don’t know how to make it happen. For example, your team just decided that Salesforce is the CRM that fits your growth needs, but you want to get up and running as soon as possible. Here is where Revenue Ops LLC comes into the picture. Our specialists will meet with your team and create an action plan that aligns with your goals and requirements. Consultants will work with your company during the implementation to educate and prepare your staff for success. It’s worth noting that Revenue Ops LLC not only works on Salesforce installations – we specialize in SalesLoft, Google Analytics, and Zapier, to name a few. Check out our technology page to get a complete rundown!

Map Your Revenue Operations Roadmap

Clear and attainable goals have proven to increase both individual and team performance. They provide a measuring stick on a weekly/monthly basis and create invaluable intrinsic motivation. So why doesn’t everyone utilize them? The simple answer is that it’s pretty challenging. Effective goal setting demands a thorough understanding of your team’s data and an accurate view of the journey ahead. Before you set anything in stone, you should have a firm grasp on the critical factors – sales cycles, lead conversion rates, cyclical tailwinds, etc. – that will heavily influence the goal. After that, getting the input of those whose job is to hit the goal is vital. If this process sounds overwhelming, we might know a team that can help.

Just as crucial as practical goal setting is a clear map of how to reach them. There are few things worse for a sales team than setting lofty goals and having no tangible roadmap to reach the destination. What is the team going to do each week/month? How specifically is that any different from what is currently happening? Where do you want your business to be next year, and how do you get there? Having the answers to these questions will change the way your year plays out. Getting where you can be confident in your roadmap takes time and expertise. It should involve a deep dive into your data and a complete understanding of the current business environment. Working with an experienced consultant will remove any guesswork and provide you with the skill the project demands.

improve your bottom line

Full Funnel Optimization

The customer journey is the most critical path for any business. After all, why does a company exist if not for the consumer? But too often, certain stages of the journey become the sole focus while others are severely neglected. This common phenomenon leads to high churn, employee turnover, and a dissatisfied customer base. All of which points to poor business performance and a dangerous path forward. Sorry, that was dramatic but very realistic. 

So, what would Revenue Ops LLC do in this situation? Good question. First and foremost, a top to bottom business breakdown is where they start. Next, you need to clearly and concisely understand your strengths and weaknesses. This involves specialists with years of industry experience working closely with your team to develop a comprehensive picture of your company’s current situation. We need to know what the data is saying! With this crucial information, the next step is implementing the necessary changes aimed at funnel optimization. Our goal is to bring lasting change that allows for sustainable growth and consistent customer satisfaction. We apply a holistic approach that centers around your team. 

Improve Processes Through Wise Automation

Are you unhappy with your lead conversion numbers? Do manual processes take up chunks of your team’s workday? Suppose you answered yes to any of these questions, or it’s been a while since you examined your business’ overall operations. In that case, you likely could benefit from working with a revenue operations consultant. The goal of improving processes starts with harnessing data. We will identify the stages of a specific process that need improvement based on the numbers.

While automating everything is the simple, trendy answer, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one. All too often, over-excited teams with good intentions will go overboard with Salesforce automations, creating a complicated system that is harder to use than before. At Revenue Ops LLC, we pride ourselves on creating streamlined processes that use automation to enhance the user experience. It should be something that reduces time and is easy for users to adopt. Determining when and how to make the appropriate automation demands the experience of years in the “trenches” combined with technical know-how. The bottom line is that you need a team that has done it before.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Bringing in an outside consultant is never an easy decision. Where do you start and who do you go with are just the first questions you need to answer, not to mention the cost of everything. Revenue Ops LLC knows where you’re coming from and has designed a no-strings-attached discovery session to make your life easier. It’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered and see if our plan fits your business. 

RevOps is a journey based on optimizing your team for growth, and you must have cohesion plus impeccable communication with anyone you bring in to help. If any of the areas mentioned above hit home, or you just want to talk, schedule a time right now

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