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Heather Davis Lam

Heather Davis Lam is the Founder & CEO of Revenue Ops LLC, and holds multiple certifications from Salesforce, Salesloft, Hubspot, and other revenue operations platforms.


Signs You Need a RevOps Team

You know it when your company could use a boost. You don’t need a blog to tell you that. But deciding what to do next can be the tricky part. Here are a few examples of when a Revenue Operations (RevOps) consultant could be just what you need.

Missing Goals

The process of goal setting and achieving them could use some work.

Is your team struggling to hit critical benchmarks? Are the goals themselves too vague or not based on reality? 

These are two essential questions that a RevOps team can help answer. First, assuming the company goals are achievable, it’s helpful to start mapping out all the departments and individuals who play a part in the process. Then, when that’s complete, a team of trained specialists can make procedural adjustments and technology recommendations that lead to desirable results. For example, the team might suggest a full-scale implementation of a sales enablement tool to boost lead conversion rates by 50%. Sounds good, right? 

Finally, the second question about goal setting is more important than the process above. Smart, healthy, and challenging goals align a team and encourage extra effort. In addition, these benchmarks demand an accurate view of the current business environment and the technical know-how based on the company’s available data. Combined with an unbiased perspective, that can unlock a business’s ability to scale. 

Salesforce Experience Gaps

Your custom relationship management (CRM) system is confusing, slow, and requires more work than it’s worth.

You spent a lot on Salesforce and have had big dreams since the beginning. The software was supposed to revolutionize how your sales team operated while ending the issue of losing essential data. Unfortunately, now it feels like you are stuck with a complicated system that isn’t meeting your expectations. If this resembles your current situation, utilizing an outside team of operation experts may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Salesforce is a complex tool that can do some pretty impressive things, but it has to be adequately utilized. For example, you may need a series of flows that allow customers to be automatically onboarded. Or your Salesforce instance could use an integration with your marketing platform to maximize efficiency. All these examples and more are real possibilities that can change how you see your CRM. 

Messy Data

Duplicates and other inaccurate data points are ruining everything!

Data is all the rage right now. It’s what the cool people are talking about for a good reason. It can shine a light on valuable insights and provide a clear direction for your business. But not all data is created equal. Duplicates and incorrect information can muddy the water causing real problems for reporting and analysis. 

Messy data leads you to a dark place where you can’t trust your company’s metrics and aren’t sure what is actually going on! Working with experts to create a plan for how data enters your CRM and a monitoring system to ensure the info stays clean is beneficial. You’ll be glad you took our advice! 

Misaligned Teams

There is a disconnect between departments.

What do your sales, marketing, and customer success processes look like, and how are they intertwined? These two questions are not just something you glaze over once, but key stakeholders should establish clear lines of communication and evaluate their efficacy regularly. When a company is missing synergy between these departments and/or struggling with outdated procedures, the customers usually know, and internal frustration tends to be high. This lack of alignment can result in delays in customer onboarding, disconnections between marketing and sales efforts, an increase in churn, etc. The consequences are innumerable, so Revenue Ops LLC is here to help. Working with outside experts will allow your business to continue the day-to-day work while knowing improvement is happening. Plus, it provides a third-party voice of reason for situations when departments, i.e., customer success and sales, disagree. 

RevOps boils down to optimizing your business for growth. It also presents an opportunity to recharge your team. The warning signs outlined above suggest there is room for improvement. If this applies to you or you have questions about how the Revenue Ops LLC team can help, schedule some time to talk with our experts.

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