Your Revenue Operations Model Isn't Your Sales Operations Model
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Heather Davis Lam

Heather Davis Lam is the Founder & CEO of Revenue Ops LLC, and holds multiple certifications from Salesforce, Salesloft, Hubspot, and other revenue operations platforms.


Your Revenue Operations Model Isn't Your Sales Operations Model

It goes without saying that sales operations is valuable to business growth. A team whose sole goal is to increase the efficiency of your sales process should directly lead to an increase in revenue. But is simply focusing on this one department enough? Are you missing valuable components that affect the bottom line? Here is where the revenue operations model, or RevOps, comes into the picture. Since the explosion of RevOps in the last few years, we want to explain what it is and how it can help your company. 

What is RevOps?

Revenue operations involves more than just your sales team. It’s consistently optimizing your sales, marketing, and customer success teams for growth. Think of it as the hub that aligns these important departments to drive full-funnel accountability and maximize revenue. 

How Does RevOps Apply to my Business? 

The RevOps model is so crucial because the business environment is rapidly changing. Departments must remove cross-functional silos to survive and thrive in this world. Information, ideas, and processes must flow among teams as seamlessly as possible. A good starting point for adopting a RevOps model is identifying disconnected systems and then brainstorming how to resolve them to create seamless and effective workflows.

RevOps Journey

We covered the basics, but the fun begins with optimization and growth. How you proceed with RevOps depends on your team’s pain points. For example, if you know that information doesn’t flow smoothly from one functional unit to another, that probably impedes revenue growth. Then, you can implement a few different strategic tactics to pave the path. Here are a few courses of action we might consider.

Salesforce Implementation 

The Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) is a robust platform that can transform your business by organizing your data and automating mundane tasks. First, however, you need to set it up properly. Then, a team of RevOps experts who have experience with advanced Salesforce features and utilities can help you get up and running quickly. 

Marketing Automation 

Improving lead quality will allow your sales team to do what it does best – close deals. Automating simple tasks like data collection improves accuracy and saves time. For example, you could integrate a web form to capture essential customer information instead of relying on the sales representative to record those details. And you could take it a step further by nurturing leads and contacts via segmentation and regular email distributions based on that contact data. 

Customer Experience Redesign

Do your customers only reach out when they have a problem? If so, we should change that. A RevOps consultant can help you design and activate an education series that engages your clients to share feedback and keep them in the know. 

Managed Services

These maneuvers are just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, other options are available depending on your requirements and objectives. So, it would help if you considered ongoing RevOps support. Fortunately, Revenue Operations LLC offers managed services arrangements whereby you can turn to us ad hoc for continued support and optimization. We can do everything from Salesforce administration to marketing content design. 

Ready for the RevOps Model?

Hopefully, we’ve shed some light on the benefits and importance of the Revenue Operations model. The sales team is one of the groups directly responsible for maximizing revenue. Therefore, implementing a holistic approach provides efficient results. 

Schedule some time to talk with us if anything has piqued your interest or if you have questions about how to implement these tactics into your business. We’re here to help!

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